As an interior designer I’m an artist, interiors and architecture are my medium. I have to wear many hats each day, business manager, problem solver, delivery service, you name it. Creating customized interiors that represent my client’s vision is an art we have proudly executed for many years. Sometimes I can’t believe how long I’ve been practicing interior design, I still feel 35! I’m excited to go to the office every morning. My heart hungers for beauty, that may sound shallow, but give me a minute to explain. I hunger to create handsome solutions for every client’s lifestyle and budget, everyone has a budget whether they admit it or not.









Until you’ve lived through a renovation or redecorating project it’s hard to understand the process. There are many television shows and other media portraying profound change in a less than truthful manner. Nothing significant can happen in less than a month. It’s easy to forget it’s all put together to fit within a an episode with a happy ending. Realistically it takes months to redo a room and that’s if everything goes well. The only show that somewhat realistically portrays renovation is This Old House on PBS. Don’t be thrown off by the words “old house”, these issues happen when you’re doing a contemporary renovation also. Pro Tip: never tear anything apart until everything is in stock and ready to install, this way you’ll have minimal inconvenience.

In this particular blog I’m going to focus on a client who has been with us over 25 years. Over the course of our relationship we’ve endured many changes in our lives and how we now live today. I’m happy to say the changes we’re currently making for this client are very exciting. Over the course of our relationship we’ve redone all the spaces in this home. Some parts of the home need to be changed again, other parts of the home have just been redone. Rather than focusing on an entire transformation, I prefer to break it down to the newest changes made. We will focus on the recent kitchen renovation and dining room redecoration project. I hope you enjoy the before and after images, the transformation is quite dramatic.



This residence is a historic landmark in Chicago. The rooms are generously proportioned with high ceilings and details from a bygone era. It’s a terrific home for an active young family, the rooms are full of happy memories for my client as well as myself.

Change is an essential part of life and a good thing. I’m not the same person I was twenty years ago, are you? It became clear this kitchen renovation was inevitable. I must say the changes are lovely and represent how my client currently lives.

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, I believe this whether you like to cook or prefer to order in. There’s no judgment here. Everyone needs a wonderful kitchen that speaks to them and how they wish to live. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to have a great kitchen, it’s all about priorities. Of course you need some money to make changes, but I truly believe you can have a great kitchen even if you live in a rental apartment. There are always things that can be done to improve daily living. Little things mean a lot.





I already had some ideas floating around in my head when my client and I began to discuss the dining room project. This client actually cooks and uses her dining room regularly. I knew my client would have thoughts about her dining room, I want my clients to tell me their dreams! When the room was originally done it spoke to how they lived. As time went on my client wanted something befitting the other changes taking place on the main floor of the home. These changes definitely represent their current lifestyle.

As you can see the client wanted to retain her English furniture and Irish crystal chandelier. The damask chairs have been reupholstered in leather, the furniture has been polished or refinished where necessary. The couture ballgown draperies (donated to a women’s shelter) have been replaced by simpler window treatments, the oriental rug has been replaced by a custom wool and silk area rug. The previously glazed walls now boast a hand painted black and gold wallpaper. The grande dame is now a flirty force to be reckoned with.


That’s something to think about, isn’t it?



I hope I’ve inspired you to bravely move forward and do what you’ve been dreaming about. This isn’t a dress rehearsal. Call us, we can make all your dreams come true.


Let’s feed your hungry heart, xo-



You gotta love Bruce Springsteen!



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