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Summertime and the living is easy. Are the summer days flying by, or is it just me? I keep telling myself to be present and enjoy the glorious weather. I’m doing my best, I certainly hope you are too! Here we are, two and a half years into a pandemic that seems never ending. Initially I had a few ideas about filling my wanderlust since I haven’t traveled for a while. Since summer is one of our best seasons in Chicago I’ve decided to stay close to home. That said, I’m making the most of it and definitely enjoying my Chicago summer.



If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’re accustomed to me writing about future projects you might wish to contemplate. From time to time I pull back the curtain and show some projects I’m currently working on. That said, I have decided to take a little departure, this installment will be about the things that inspire and feed my soul. If you’re interested, come along, and fly with me.





It’s Time To Jet



I was thinking long and hard about what I wanted to do this summer if everything was back to normal. I hate the word normal, but I think you know what I mean. Since I won’t be in Provence this summer I’ll be dreaming of past trips, and thinking of new adventures to come. A few favorite destinations come to mind; Paris, the south of France, and of course my beloved Italy. What’s not to love about Italy?




That’s Music To My Ears

When I’m not seeing clients I’m in the studio. My days in the studio are filled with good music and a delicious lunch. I certainly cannot work on an empty stomach, can you? The kids laugh as I still have physical music in my office as opposed to streaming everything. Truth be told, I do use streaming services from time to time. But, it’s quite satisfying to put I my hands on a disc of Billie Holiday, Barry White or Tony Bennett too. We need the right music to dance or make love to, the same can be said for when I’m sketching. A lot of the modern music that’s popular today is awesome, some of the brilliant lyrics from Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X are beautiful and quite revealing. My music collection is quite diverse, I do love options, but let’s not forget, there’s nothing like Motown!





Let’s Go To The Movies

I’m a huge fan of movies, give me a martini and we’ll talk about films. I love old and new films equally. I have an enormous list of things to watch, it never ends, and I love it that way. What am I in the mood for tonight? It can be something by the maestro Federico Fellini, groundbreaker Jordan Peele or iconic Billy Wilder. When you want to really feel something there’s Francis Ford Coppola, Paul Thomas Anderson or Martin Scorsese. Film could be another blog altogether. At one time film was everything, but television has entered a new golden age. We have a fantastic array of choices filled with wonder and delight, we don’t even have to leave the house unless we want to.*


*A few years ago I wrote a blog about films that inspired some of my interior work, if you’re interested you can check it out here  Film As Inspiration




Your Artwork Is Amazing!

Artwork and artists continue to be an enormous inspiration in my life. I encourage my clients to embrace art in all of our projects. All spaces big and small need artwork. Art is personal, it touches your soul like a beautiful song, art is the tender hug and deep kiss we long for. A project without artwork is only half done. While it’s not mandatory for every client to invest in museum quality pieces, artwork of some type is required. I recommend clients purchase something that is personal and makes them happy. I’m an equal opportunity lover of art, my taste is broad, ranging from classical painters and old masters, to impressionists such as Renoir and Cezanne (don’t miss the show at the AIC if possible), and modern masters such as Picasso and Matisse. Two artists that greatly inspire me: the amazing David Hockney, as well as groundbreaker Jean-Michel Basquiat who died way too soon. It’s important to note there are many artists who have not been discovered. I confess it makes me happy to give a young artist a commission for one of my projects. The artists and artisans we meet inspire me, these collaborations make my projects extra special!





My Clients Are Fantastic!

My clients inspire me every day, they share so many personal things about their lives. As the years go by we get to know each other a little more, it’s like peeling the layers on an onion. I cherish these special relationships which are so personal. Crafting bespoke interiors for my commercial or residential clients is a revealing and fulfilling process. My relationships with clients, team members, suppliers and artists are amazing and quite interesting. I learn something new every single day. The times I spend with my clients are quite special, I don’t  take anything for granted. It’s my duty to create something that will be exactly what the client wants whether they’re able to articulate it or not. These things take time, we have a lot of fun along the way exploring the possibilities. This is a confidential relationship so I won’t be sharing anything personal other than to say I’m the luckiest guy in the world.



I hope you’re having a great time this summer whatever you’re doing. Sometimes no plans are the best plans, I can fully attest to that.



Wishing you a Sweet Summertime xo~



Check out this new version of a golden oldie, thanks for sending this to me TM!



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