A Place Of Your Own

It’s important to come to terms with the space around us, sometimes this can be difficult without help. It can be a tricky subject since we all respond to our physical environment differently. The space around us can be a public area such as a restaurant, your club or gym, the office where you work, a hotel lobby or even a guest room. Many of us forget about our true personal space. We make excuses for our spatial challenges. We all have them. It even happens to people who have a larger apartment or home. You’d be shocked if I told you some of the things I’m told. Unfortunately I can’t because I have a confidential relationship with my clients. Suffice it to say I can tell you how to overcome these obstacles. If you’re feeling challenged please read on, I have a hunch this may be of interest.



I always have a preliminary phone conversation with people before they decide to schedule an initial consultation. Although the consultation is complimentary you will likely have questions prior to engaging our services. I have questions for you too. I love to help people change their lives, there’s nothing better than transforming your space for the better, it is truly life altering. Once we decide to make the appointment I usually hear a small disclaimer prior to hanging up the phone or when I arrive for the appointment. Potential clients often begin by apologizing for their space; “I have a small apartment or condominium”, “I live in XYZ area” as though that’s an excuse to deny yourself. What’s wrong with you? (smile). This is all the more reason you need our help. Don’t neglect YOU, because you deserve the very best.




So What Does That Mean?

I spend countless hours designing interiors whether they are commercial or residential spaces. So many factors come into consideration: the location of the project, spatial relationships, traffic flow, natural lighting, airflow and square footage. But I think the most important factor of a good space is how does it make you feel? It’s crucial to have a space of your own whether you live alone or cohabitate with a significant other. Do you have kids, pets, or an elderly parent who needs to live with you? This can complicate things too, but not in a bad way. It’s all the more reason you need a special place just for you.







Top Five Reasons To Proceed On Your Project

Many of us want to embark on new projects: redecorating, building a new home, downsizing, relocating or simply tackling the storage issue that has been driving you nuts. But then life gets in the way, we get distracted or change course. PLEASE stop doing that. You do want to do this project, right?



1. There is no better time to order new furniture than now or last month! The longer we wait can make the difference between having furniture (or not) when you actually need it.



2. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. So you want to redecorate your Living Room but are afraid you’ll blow your budget. A simple consultation can help you more than you know. Creating a true budget is harder than most people realize. We can determine a budget that is workable and realistic; this is crucial if you haven’t worked with a designer or purchased furnishings for some time. Otherwise it can be a real eye-opener.




3. Little Changes can make a huge difference. Let’s say your budget is less than inspiring, that’s ok too. Repainting a room, rearranging your furniture and changing out accessories can create a new look that will re-energize you until you’re ready to redecorate.



4. Contractors are busy! This is particularly important if you have a project that must be done by a specific occasion. This is all the more reason to begin interviewing and determining costs well in advance. You will thank me later especially if you’re hosting a special event this or next year. It’s hard to believe how quickly the year is going. We want to look our best, don’t we?



5. The holidays will be here before you know it! Don’t laugh, you know this is true. It takes time to find the right pieces, order them and install the room. Most retail stores stock very little today so you will likely wait anyway. Going to a showroom or store that sells quality merchandise opens up many more options. This is crucial when making purchases you will have for a considerable amount of time.



I hope you’re inspired to get cracking on some projects you’ve been wanting to accomplish. Let’s take the leap together. You’ll be amazed by the results.

Change is good, xo




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