Let’s Hit The Road

I love Summer. The longer sunny days combined with warm evenings are just what the doctor ordered after our bone chilling winters. Are you planning a trip any time soon? If yes, bon voyage! If you haven’t thought that far perhaps it’s time to get busy making some plans. Instead of writing a long blog this month I will share some of my favorite photos from past adventures. And just for fun, I have interspersed travel photos which inspire my design work. The best part is you don’t have to stand in a long TSA line at the airport.






And Away We Go…

















Waking up here is like a beautiful dream!



















I’m a sucker for a beautiful key with a tassel instead of those boring magnetic cards



















Do you like to travel light or have a few changes of clothes?








































It’s difficult to travel and not get inspired by all the abounding beauty!








Chanel’s Paris apartment was an inspiration for this project.






Check out the oriental rugs on the face of the front desk!





My enduring love for mattelesse was cemented once I saw the gorgeous living room at the Hotel du Cap-Eden Roc many years ago. I could talk your ears off for hours about this place!




I hope you enjoyed my travel diary. Sometimes the best time to do a project is while you’re away. If this thought intrigues you please check this out. https://kennethwalter.com/transforming-space/can-we-go-on-vacation-and-redecorate/

Happy Summer!



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