Would You Refuse A Lifeline?

One of my clients said the process of transforming their space was like swimming in a pool of sharks. It made me smile when he said I changed his life and no longer felt this way. As you may already know I’m relentless day dreamer, I just can’t help myself. I start looking at blogs, magazines or reading a book and become transported somewhere else. I can’t be the only one, has this happened to you? Most people are consumed with home improvement, DIY shows or some type of reality television. Although I don’t watch reality television I’m sure it’s quite compelling. When I’m invited to visit a prospective client’s project, the horror stories are all the same: I spent $50,000 on furniture online and nothing works, I hired a general contractor who took my money and disappeared, recently a young woman told me she ordered custom furniture that didn’t fit in the freight elevator and couldn’t be returned. Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending coming for her, she hired us to solve her issues.


Grand Staircase filled with mirrors and picture lights


Do You Need Help?

As a young, altruistic designer I was under the impression I could be of help to everyone. With age comes wisdom, and experience. I now realize I can’t possibly help everybody, you cannot help those who think they can do it themselves.  Thankfully my clients recognize their skill sets are different than mine, they have other gifts I don’t have as a professional interior designer. The collaboration process is educational, fun and meaningful for both of us.


Casual white paneled modern room


It is a privilege guiding our clients in their search for appropriate solutions, qualified contractors and good design decisions. There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing a happy client once their space has been transformed. It’s a thrill watching them begin a new phase of life in a healing environment befitting their lifestyle. I am eternally grateful to my special clients, I treasure and protect them. It’s my job to foresee what may go wrong during a project so we can avoid these pitfalls to begin with.


Casual Elegant LR with many french doors


Your home is a haven, the place to anchor yourself at the end of a busy day.


Frank Muytjens country house with dog


Your space can be like this as well, you don’t have to have a large home or apartment.


Frank Muytjens country house dining table and Bertoia chairs


You should have a desire to invest in yourself and the space you have.


Unusual Black Sliding Door with painting of man holding hat


A place to hang your hat, whether small…


Formal French hallway with marble floor, limestone wall and bronze railing




LR Lobby at Edition Hotel, NYC




Charming House Exterior with violet sky and many flowers

or Traditional.


Rest assured we are here to solve your design issues. I hope you are inspired to swim in the design pool with us, we promise to keep the sharks away. If you’re still concerned about hiring a professional please read this. Until next time…

Big Hugs-


PS Last week we participated in an auction raising money for Designs4Dignity, a wonderful organization that helps people facing tremendous crisis. This is the rug I designed. It looked much better in person (one more reason not to trust photography online 😉 ) I’m delighted it sold to a lovely lady!

Last but not least, this is our new baby  Halle. I’m not one to wish my life away but I hope this puppy stage and all the little accidents will be over soon.


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