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Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone, I feel summer is finally approaching. Have you been using your time well and enjoying your beautiful life? Your life is a gift by the way, just reminding you in case you forgot. This is not a judgement. It’s a call to action for all of us. I’ve been questioning my life lately–perhaps you are too, I think being self-aware is the key to life. I went through some tough times a few years ago which made me question many of the things I felt were important. I’m looking around again and I don’t like what I see. I don’t see Chicago as a big city since we’re usually very friendly. Lately I think we’re forgetting our manners.

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Are We Lost?

I get into an elevator, no one looks up to say hello. We are immersed in our emails, texts and social media. Now don’t get me wrong, social media is a fun distraction. But are we too into it? That’s for you to decide. I greatly enjoy meeting new people, making friends in real life and online. Many of the great connections I have made on social media are quite meaningful to me, I actually feel close to some of these people I have never met. Is this healthy? Am I ignoring my “real life” in favor of an escape? A good friend weaned back on social media, he calls it a “false intimacy”. A few months ago social media became a bit of an obsession for me. I still enjoy it, but have made a conscious decision to cut back. Having an addictive personality I can’t help but get obsessive, this has always been the case with my interior design work. It is next to impossible not to become obsessed as I create a custom tailored environment based on my client’s needs.


Is Perfection Possible?

Recently a new friend said they are afraid to work with an interior designer because “they want you to have a perfect interior that is never sloppy and impossible to maintain”. I love it when people are frank with me! One of my most special clients (20+ years and going strong) said “perfection is impossible Ken”, she’s right. However, I feel we are striving toward the illusion of perfection. What would you think if I posted a photo of myself first thing in the morning? I’m not sure I’m ready to be that authentic, but I know you get my point. The public is mesmerized by DIY shows on HGTV. It is impossible to create the perfect space in the span of a television show. The dream interior you see in a shelter magazine did not occur effortlessly, it actually took years to create. The haven you crave actually evolves over time and well worth the effort!


The Solution

I recommend a periodic vacation from virtual living, enjoy a day or two away from social media. Here’s my proposal: let’s talk to each other in the elevator, in line at the coffee shop or while we’re washing our hands in the restroom (well maybe not if you’re shy), read a real book, listen to music. How about a walk without our phones? If we must take the phone let’s try not to look at the screen, let’s look at the sky and take a breath instead. I want us to be kinder to each other, let’s stop saying whatever we think because our opinion is the best one. Can we listen more? Is there someone in the world you admire? Why do you consider them a leader? Perhaps being a leader is actually saying I’m looking at you, I’m listening. Your neighbor isn’t bad because they worship differently, have political views contrary to your own, or are married to someone of the same-sex. As Lenny Kravitz said “Let Love Rule”, let’s try it.


Big Hugs-


PS I actually wrote about this last year, here’s a link if you’re curious. Live Authentic

I would love to hear your opinions if you care to share, I’m listening.


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