I’m Nuts About Mutts

The late Mario Buatta once quipped, “I’m nuts about mutts“. I always thought this was quite amusing. As a guy raised by a single mother I was taught to fear animals, dogs in particular. I know my mother didn’t mean any harm, she was afraid of a lot of things. I began to hum a different tune once Noreen came into the picture, she taught me that dogs are man’s best friend. Don’t get me wrong, I like cats too, but I’m allergic, I can’t touch them without repercussions. I especially love big cats–lions, tigers, leopards and the like. To those who are animal lovers, I say you are my people, we get each other. This blog is dedicated to those who love animals, and also to those struggling with the thought of adding a furry or feathered friend to your home.




What To Do?

I recently encouraged a dear friend to get a cat, she’s been without one for many years. I think being alone was getting to her, I knew she was longing for a feline friend. I’m very happy she now has Figaro! My friend is getting accustomed to having an animal again after many years of being on her own. I’m delighted it’s working out very well, thankfully my advice worked for her. I truly believe adding an animal to your life is a great thing if you have time for such an endeavor.



Give Us A Kiss

Just a small sampling of the dogs I love, some belong to my dear clients.




Innovation Is Our Friend

Science and technology can be a good thing, particularly with the special fabrics I have in my repertoire. Technology made this possible. Not only are the fabrics easily cleanable, you would never know they weren’t made of the finest fibers. I recently began using a fantastic fabric that feels like silk velvet, but it’s easily cleanable. I’ve also used these fibers to make rugs. Having little kids and pets make life fun and exciting. We all have accidents, this includes teenagers, parents, grandparents etc. We’ve all made a mess we regret making. Who doesn’t want things that are beautiful and easy to keep looking spiffy?




I Love Animals, but don’t want one!

There are many ways to incorporate animals into your decor if you desire. Options abound ranging from wallcovering, upholstery fabrics, a collection of feathered friends, or perhaps dining with flamingos.

Animals really are our friends: friendly sharks watching over you as you sleep, chic leopards on the carpeting, or an amazing hooked rug in wool made famous by the iconic Mr. Albert Hadley.



Birds Of A Feather

Perhaps you like a specific animal like Flamingos, feel free to flap your wings proudly. A little goes a long way if you’re a minimalist, more is more if you’re a maximalist. It can be very subtle by adding a lamp, an aviary object or striking wallcovering.



The Options Are Endless

More ways to incorporate your love of animals into your interior, clockwise from top left: an iconic Richard Avedon photograph, custom door hardware, drawing of our dog Halle by Kathleen Walter or a fun animal mount, thankfully no animals were harmed.




Awww, What A Good Dog!

If you’re struggling with your animals or considering adding one to your life, I’m here to help.



Are You Ready To Take The Plunge?

Can you imagine the possibilities?



I’m pawsitively sure I can help you, xo


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