Is Elegance Back?

When I was a young designer I was filled with many lofty ideas, of course I thought I knew everything. How sobering to grow older realizing how much much wiser you are compared to being 22! Perhaps you can relate. As I have evolved into the man I am, I crave more knowledge, I love learning something I never knew before. If you’re nodding your head, you’re part of my tribe. I read a lot of articles, blogs, magazines and books, it’s a great pastime. Unfortunately most articles online are merely clickbait, there’s a catchy headline so you click on it, then you realize it’s like eating crackers for lunch, talk about empty calories!

I keep reading the headline ELEGANCE is back, wowsa—tell me more! I click on the article and see something from the Sears Catalog of my youth. I come from a modest background so I know about these things. The people of today have many ideas about elegance. I know I do. When I was younger I thought people had to live a certain way. But what if the lifestyles portrayed in your favorite old movies, novels or fantasies don’t work for you? I do love anticipating an upcoming event or milestone. The same can be said about planning a once in a lifetime trip or experience you’ve been pining for. What about changing your environment? I see a lot of people stuck in the past wishing to go back. But here we are today, perhaps these are the good old days. This is your moment to_________.


Is A Revolution In Order?


I’m not proposing anarchy of any sort, what I am suggesting is an upgrade. I think this sackcloth and ashes thing isn’t working anymore. It’s one thing if the space of your dreams is out of reach financially. It’s ok to aspire, we all do in one way or another. I’m a big dreamer, both day and night! What I’m talking about is continuing to deprive yourself of comforts that make your life better. As a young designer I saw myself as a brave knight who would save the those who needed to be shown the correct path to perfection and elegance. In those days clients were often clueless and truly needed guidance. There was no internet yet, so unless you were interested in design you didn’t go out of your way to buy books or magazines about the subject. Nowadays there’s a lot of information out there, both good and bad. Dare I say, way too many ideas are served on a platter for all on a multitude of subjects. It’s exhausting to know what to believe. And who has the time for research, who can we trust?



Food For Thought

The therapist Virginia Satir once said, “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth”.  I do agree with this! But what happens if you live alone or don’t get enough from the people you live with? I often say a great space is the hug we need at the end of the day! Your space is meant to be a comforting and nurturing haven, a shelter from the storm of life. 



What To Do?


I suggest looking for counsel you trust. You wouldn’t dream of using just any doctor or lawyer if you had a serious problem, would you? I think not. A good designer, architect or general contractor is less costly than doing it yourself. You may need all three! We’ve all been to a friend’s home who thinks they’re fooling everyone. It’s one thing to be a chic dresser; quite another to put together a handsome space with a great layout and exactly what you need. Perhaps you need a Design Knight to lead the way to a successful crusade on your behalf.





What’s Your Style?


Many years ago my young client told me she wanted French country, it sounded great to me at the time. As the project unfolded I began to understand her style was actually English country. That’s quite nice too. Believe it or not, many of the things they inherited and purchased from me 25 years ago look as perfect as they did then. Their kids are grownups now, their home continues to evolve, but certain things remain the same. I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel when it’s unnecessary!




Great style comes in numerous iterations. The traditional look above makes sense for some people. Others seeking simplicity may prefer a more relaxed, casual elegance below.




Buy The Best You Can Afford, You’ll Only Cry Once!






Elegance Is Many Things

The following images depict a relaxed style many of us can appreciate. What’s your favorite look?



Time To Savor The Rewards!



I hope I’ve inspired you to move forward, let’s live now!


Big Hugs~


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