Gallery Girl: Francine Turk

‘He Loves me, He loves me not’ – (Elizabeth Taylor)
Charcoal, pastel and ink on rives paper
34” x 41.5”

As a Chicago interior designer I am frequently asked to consult on assembling art collections for my clients. I am regularly scouring the globe for talented artists whose work is relatable. Many of my clients share my true passion for art. I anticipate this will be one of many posts about artists that I will have the pleasure to share with you.

Artist, Francine Turk is a household name here in Chicago. She is represented in galleries nationwide with studios in the United States and Europe. Her work has been featured on the set of Hollywood films and her acclaimed exposure has gained her a multitude of private collectors across the globe.

Turk ‘s wide breadth of diverse work possesses sophistication without pretense and versatility with a point of view. She is a beautiful person inside and out; she’s witty, stylish and wears her heart on her sleeve. Her personality comes through in each of her works and allows the viewer a glimpse into her very complex soul. It was no surprise that opening night of her solo exhibition was overflowing with collectors and art enthusiasts alike. The show, “A Decade of Evolution…A Retrospective” has been described as intense, graceful, modern, timeless and dramatic.  Pictured below are some of my favorites:

‘On a Pendulum of Time’
Oil on canvas
66” x 72”
‘Your Presence’
Charcoal on Rives
46″ x 32″
‘Laced In Metallic I’
Metallic ink, and charcoal on handmade paper
30” x 40”
‘Different Shades within this Masquerade IV’
Ink on vintage book cover in antique frame
13.5” x 15.5”
Charcoal and lacquer ink on antique, handwritten, French ledger sheet
18” x 24”
‘Waiting for Engagement’
Oil on canvas
72” x 84”
‘Reap The Waves of Reality’
Mixed Media
53″ x 41″

Turk is best known for her graceful charcoal drawings and paintings of nude figures but her art has matured and diversified so as to defy simple classification. Turk works with mixed media- oils, pigments, charcoals, inks, crayons and pencils. She creates her work using linen, silk, French ledger sheets, antique book covers, handmade Italian roma paper, vintage LP’s, polyester, rives paper and stonehenge as her canvases. For her salon series, she often first finds the antique frames in her travels and later creates the work for the particular frame.

‘Infused Recollections’
Metallic ink on linen in antique frame
19.5” x 16”


In the years I have been following Francine’s storied career beginning at the Chicago Antique Market- the value of her work has increased substantially. What makes art valuable? Some may say it is subjective. I believe what makes a painting valuable is it’s ability to evoke emotion in its viewer.  A good artist will lead you to a field of conclusions and allow you to participate in the experience. The show has left me wanting more and wondering what is next for this Chicago Starlet.

Artist's Portrait By Anthony Tahlier
Artist’s Portrait By Anthony Tahlier

A Decade of Evolution…A Retrospective” runs until March 15th 2013
Gallery KM
John Hancock Center
875 North Michigan Ave Suite 2515
312. 255.1202


Kenneth Walter

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